large size slewing bearing

large size slewing bearing

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large size slewing bearing

RKS.211430101001   China
Posted Date: April 15, 2014

We produce and export  various kinds of large size slewing bearings with inter teeth, outer teeth or no teeth. If you have any needs, welcome to contact  us.RKS.061.20.0414 RKS.061.20.0544 RKS.061.20.0644

R KS.061.20.0744 RKS.061.20.0844 RKS.061.20.0944
RKS.061.20.1094 RKS.061.20.1094 RKS.061.25.1314
RKS.061.25.1424 RKS.061.25.1534 RKS.061.25.1644
RKS.061.25.1754 RKS.061.25.1754 RKS.062.20.0414
RKS.062.20.0544 RKS.062.20.0644 RKS.062.20.0744
RKS.062.20.0844 RKS.062.20.0944 RKS.062.20.1094
RKS.062.25.1204 RKS.062.25.1314 RKS.062.25.1424
RKS.062.25.1534 RKS.062.25.1644 RKS.062.25.1754
RKS.062.30.1904 RKS.060.20.0414 RKS.060.20.0544
RKS.060.20.0644 RKS.060.20.0744 RKS.060.20.0844
RKS.060.20.0944 RKS.060.20.1094 RKS.060.25.1204
RKS.060.25.1314 RKS.060.25.1424 RKS.060.25.1534
RKS.060.25.1644 RKS.060.25.1754 RKS.060.30.1904
RKS.161.14.0414 RKS.161.14.0544 RKS.161.14.0644
RKS.161.14.0744 RKS.161.14.0844 RKS.161.14.0944
RKS.161.14.1094 RKS.161.16.1204 RKS.161.16.1314
RKS.161.16.1424 RKS.161.16.1534 RKS.161.16.1644
RKS.161.16.1754 RKS.161.20.1904 RKS.162.14.0414
RKS.162.14.0544 RKS.162.14.0644 RKS.162.14.0744
RKS.162.14.0744 RKS.162.14.0944 RKS.162.14.1094
RKS.162.16.1204 RKS.162.16.1314 RKS.162.16.1424
RKS.162.16.1534 RKS.162.16.1644 RKS.162.16.1754
RKS.162.20.1904 RKS.160.14.0414 RKS.160.14.0544
RKS.160.14.0644 RKS.160.14.0744 RKS.160.14.0844
RKS.160.14.0944 RKS.160.14.1094 RKS.160.16.1204
RKS.160.16.1314 RKS.160.16.1424 RKS.160.16.1534
RKS.160.16.1644 RKS.160.16.1754 RKS.160.20.1904
RKS.21 0411 RKS.21 0541 RKS.21 0641
RKS.21 0741 RKS.21 0841 RKS.21 0941
RKS.21 1091 RKS.23 0411 RKS.23 0541
RKS.23 0641 RKS.23 0741 RKS.23 0841
RKS.23 0941 RKS.23 1091 RKS.22 0411
RKS.22 0541 RKS.22 0741 RKS.22 0641
RKS.22 0841 RKS.22 0941 RKS.22 1091
RKS.204040101001 RKS.302070202001 RKS.900155101001

RKS.951145101001 RKS.901175101001 RKS.921150303001 RKS.121400101002 RKS.121390101002 RKS.122290101002 RKS.221310101001 RKS.222500101001




Order Information

Location: China
Minimum Order: 1
Price for Minimum Order: 0
(This price is only for minimum order. for large quantities, please contact)

Sample Available: no

Payment & Price Terms: T/T, L/c
Delivery Lead Time: 30days
Quality/Safety Certifications: ISO9000:9001


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Contact Information

Mrs. Sunny Xu
Company: Luo Yang precision bearing Group co.,LTD
Address: ,luoyi south Road, Luoyang, Henan Province, China, Luoyang, Henan, China
Zip/Postal: 471003
Telephone: 86-0379-65512003
Fax: 86-0379-65512003

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